Saturday, 18 January 2014

Song Of My Saturday

Usually on a Saturday Im either hard at work- I have an actual job and i'm also starting my own online advertising business (slowly) or i'm lying with my head in the toilet like every other self respecting twenty-something.

Ultimately I am aware that it is a Saturday and with a Saturday comes the obligatory visit to the Gay club. Its a sort of interesting hot pot of different kinds of men, totally huge and its also a total RIOT.

Today, i'm hard at work- University work unusually. About this time every saturday however, I start to get a little giddy about my impending night out and i have to just listen to some music. Fierce music. After 5pm, if its not fierce, its not good enough. 

Today my song comes from maybe the MOST fierce queen I know, the drag-queen RuPaul. 

Dont get me wrong, the music's not got the hottest production, and the lyrics aren't anything spectacular, but for some reason 'Glamazon' just really gets me going. I think its that Independent Black woman message. I feel fierce. Mostly, i just feel ready to drink a bottle of wine (or three) with my best friends and dance the whole night away! 

So there it is! I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday and makes the most of the weekend.

And in the words of Ru Paul; 'Dont Fuck It Up!'

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